Is everyone sailing ahead on social media? Do you want to shine online?

where you are now:

Stuck and frustrated with lack of results.


Feeling lost and overwhelmed.


Want to focus on what you do best in your biz.


Want to have a clear digital marketing plan.

where you will be after we work together:


Armed with a plan and ready to shine!


Feeling inspired and confident.


Saved hours of time trying to do it yourself.


Clear on how to rock your social media platforms.

five simple solutions to your problem

01 one on one training

Learn how to do it yourself. Biz D.I.Y is fun!

Book a one on one coaching session on either Instagram or Facebook marketing.

Together, we’ll focus totally on your biz. I’ll show you how to create a professional Instagram or Facebook account, how to craft the perfect post and most importantly, how to have a solid game plan for rocking your social media platforms.

To chat more about a session, please contact me here.

02 Insta makeover!

Who doesn’t love a makeover? 

Is your Instagram feed looking a little lacklustre? Would you love someone to wave a magic wand et voila! Fresh as a daisy? (Plus a style guide to keep you looking your best.)

Together we’ll transform your blah Instagram account into something beautiful, and your followers into fans. We’ll give you a new look, a successful strategy and content that connects. 

To chat about your Insta Makeover, please contact me here.

03 Instagram Audit

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of (knowledgeable) eyes to point you in the right direction.

We’ll look at your profile, your visuals and overall look, your copy and hashtag usage and your content and post engagement.

An Instagram Audit is perfect for you if you just want your account assessed and tips on how to improve (and you can implement it from here.)

To chat about your Instagram audit, please contact me here.

04 awesome workshops

Demystify the world of digital marketing and social media.

Shine offers small, focused, affordable workshops that show you exactly how to step up your social media and digital marketing game.

You’ll join a group of awesome biz babes (great for connecting and making new friends!) learn TONS and leave armed with a strategy and kick ass attitude, ready to shine!

Sound good? For a list of workshop details or any questions you may have, please contact me here.

05 I’ll do it for you!

It’s often more cost and time effective to hire an expert to bring your ideas to life. 

I’ve worked with many small biz owners and creative entrepreneurs, helping their brands to shine.

Shine takes on a handful of select clients that we resonate with and feel we can genuinely take their biz to new heights. There is a minimum of a 3-month commitment. 

To chat about my monthly social media content creation and strategy services, please contact me here.

it’s time to shine!

You are driven, talented and want your biz to flourish. You’re tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and want to be a successful, girl boss.

Say hello and find out how to move your biz forward. I’m excited for you to shine and I’d love to help your biz to blossom.